Transformational Travel Experiences & Practical Tools for Your Project: Lessons from David Casey

This is a workshop given by David Casey, founder of, an organization that aggregates transformational travel experiences into a single website.

David is an expert in crowdfunding and what it takes to get projects off the ground.

In this podcast, he breaks down:

  • non-monetary value exchanges
  • crowdfunding pitfalls
  • the importance of starting small and avoiding grandiose goals
  • honing your mission/skill set
  • finding similar projects and asking for advice
  • the importance of pure intention to attract people to your project

Even though this workshop was at Lucidity Festival 2015, I'm re-sharing it because it changed the course of my life. This workshop lead me to VerdEnergia, which lead to a number of productivity and lifestyle improvements that I doubt I would have experienced otherwise. I hope you enjoy it.

Show Notes:

Cosmic Convergence

Lucidity Festival

Fellowship for Intentional Community


Global Ecovillage Network

Retreat Network


Retreat Guru







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