The best science fiction movie of all-time and arguably Kubrick's best. Watch with a projector and surround sound if at all possible.

Errol Morris launched his career on this study of character and place. Who knew a pet cemetary could be so compelling?

A meditation on how family structures can emerge even in the porn industry, Boogie Nights does not disappoint.

A (brilliantly) terrifying look at the Church of Scientology by Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney.

Collapse pushed me into making non-fiction film. A great example of how a comeplling interview paired with well-curated images can be every bit as the most dazzling episode of Game of Thrones.

This is probably the movie that made me want to make movies. Not for the faint of heart, Pulp Fiction has some of the most memorable lines in film history for a reason.

This sci-fi legend set the table for 20th century science fiction. Metropolis debuted in 1927 but it somehow feels just as relevant nearly a century later.

Daniel Day-Lewis' performance is enough to make this worth watching, but the soundtrack and cinematography make this an unforgettable masterpiece.

Although perhaps best remembered for the North Dakotan accents, Fargo's characters are unforgettable for far less superficial reasons. Arguably the Coen brother's best work.

Mandatory viewing for believers and skeptics alike, Marjoe tracks how a skillful showman can easily pass as the most devout believer.